trish mairet jazz 

jazz, bossa, bebop & blues

Music for Restaurants, Festivals, Wineries,
Clubs, Special Events and Parties.

Thank you for your interest in having music at your event. 
To help you to have a great experience, please let us know the following

1. What type of set up will you have and how many seats are there? 
   What time will the music start?

2, Would you prefer a big sound or a softer - 
  smooth sound for an intimate setting?

3. Would it be a week-night or week-end evening?
Various options for the band are below. 
This includes two 45 minute sets with two 20 minute breaks.

 For a duo: Vocals and guitar includes Bossa Nova,
   Samba and jazz standards.
 For a trio: Vocals, bass and guitar (a richer sound)
   including the above.
 For a quartet: (recommended for a larger crowd).
 For a Quintet (with horns)

Please let us now if you need additional information or have other questions.

Yellow Springs, OH

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